3D Production & Rental

3D Production & Rental

A great production design enhances an event experience and impresses your audience even before they witness the main entertainment. It is one factor that sets the tone and ambience thus, creating an impact with a well-designed stage setup is critical.


Prestige Edge is a leading creator of 3D signages and backdrops in Singapore. We create visually striking, branded stage backdrops that specifically assist you in delivering a message, promoting a product, and establishing awareness of your brand. Whether it’s a conference stage, a ballroom or a meeting room, our range of 3D props, signages, and backdrops are guaranteed to match your specific requirements.


Creating an Engaging Environment with a 3D Stage Backdrop

An eye-catching stage backdrop is a proven effective way of enhancing your overall event experience. No event should go unremarkable and it’s the reason why we made it as our commitment to develop a wide range of cost-effective event styling solutions for your brand.


We provide a creative edge for events through innovative 3D engineering and fabrication. Our 3D add-ons are fully customizable and are available for purchase and rental. Our capabilities include but are not limited to:


  • 3D Theme Environments & Exhibitions
  • Fine Art Replication
  • Sculpture Enlargement
  • 3D Signages & Backdrops


Our Commitment

We take pride in our team of in-house props makers that have undergone extensive training to fabricate 3D props of superior quality within a plausible timeframe. We handle every stage of the fabrication process from the conception of ideas, cutting, coating, logistics, and set-up to guarantee that the project is delivered to you in its best condition.


For more information, get in touch with one of our professional props makers today! Contact us on +65 6904 4491 or email us at enquiries@prestigeedge.com.sg.


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