5 Ideas On How You Can Liven Up A Boring Conference

Feb 13, 2019

In the past few years, we have witnessed an explosion of information and data that demands our attention – and it only made staying focus harder than we used to. As a result, we tend to look for shorter, condensed, and more visual content that we can process quickly.

So, the point of truth here is not that attention spans are dwindling but rather, we have less patience for pointless content. In fact, studies are suggesting that human attention is actually becoming more efficient as we become better at processing information through short bursts of high attention.

As a business that views conference events as part of your marketing strategy, what would you do to capture the attention of your delegates in your future conferences? In this article, let us share with a few tips on how to liven up a rather boring conference, in the same way that we would as a trusted event management company in Singapore.


  1. Research speakers

It’s easy to be attracted to big names when you’re scouting for professionals to speak for your conference. However, while they may all be qualified, not everyone has the background and personality to speak and engage your audience for an hour and more.

Work to find the right speakers who will resonate best with your audience and more importantly, can match the mood you want to set for the event. It may require you some additional work but you can be sure that it will be worthwhile.


  1. Explore new formats

Shaking up the format of your conference will not only attract attention, but will also promote new ways of engaging, learning, and collaborating at your event. In addition to a traditional presentation, why not consider shifting the focus from the presenter to the audience?

For instance, start your conference with the usual visual presentation with a speaker at the stage. After some time, the presenter will become the facilitator, accommodating questions, comments and insights from the attendees. This format will not only encourage the audience to participate but will also drive their own learning.


  1. Reward Contributions

To further promote interaction, another tip you can learn is to reward those who participate when prompted. Expensive items are not necessary, however. Small gifts like candies or useful items like pens, notepad or other office supplies would be enough.

But of course, it would be best if your giveaways have ties to your brand and your message so they can double as part of your marketing strategies.


  1. Include breaks

Breaks in between intensive sessions are strategies to increase participation in conferences. Most event planners agree that the most effective conference breaks involve activities such as networking and/or some fun games.

Now, while breaks may also be a time to let attendees grab something to eat or have bathroom and stretch breaks, you can also use the time to invite attendees to gather in small clusters to discuss what they learned in the previous session. It would be a great way to maximize the time and make it part of the learning process.


  1. Bring out the food and drinks

More often than not, your conference will be remembered more for the food served than the speakers and lessons themselves. So, for the final tip, make sure that your menu is on top of your priority list.

Furthermore, if the nature of your event allows, you can also serve alcoholic beverages to lighten up the atmosphere. You’ll never know what a glass of red wine can do to uplift the mood of your event.

Business conferences can be a great part of your marketing strategies as long as they’re not boring. By discovering ways to transform your conferences into something interesting and fun, you can keep the attention of your guests and even drive them to look forward to your future events.

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