Are You Fit to be an Events Planner?

Dec 13, 2018

It takes a specific set of skills to become a successful events planner – from a flair for detailed planning, effective multitasking, great communication skills to a seemingly never-ending energy.

It’s the reason why while being an event planner is rewarding, it isn’t a career for everyone. After all, one may not have the capacity to handle the fifth most stressful job of 2018.

But, if you feel you have what it takes to be an event professional, here’s a self-assessment test that will help you find out if working as one is fit for you.


Is event planning fit for me? A 5-minute self-assessment test

  1. Am I highly-organized?

In event planning, success is all in the details. Being organized is a must for a successful event planner. So, if you’re a type of person who creates and religiously follows to-do-lists to keep your personal life running, then being always in order may come upon you naturally. In contrary, if you’re one who often forgets deadlines, then being organized – let alone being an event planner – may require more effort.


  1. Am I confident in starting a conversation?

Events vary from occasion, size, formality and so on. But, if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s the task of interacting with and working with different parties and individuals. Being an event planner is a highly social profession that requires you to be engaging, pleasant, a good conversationalist and listener. Being personable is a must when negotiating with venues, meeting with vendors, networking, managing staff and interacting with guests.


  1. Am I an effective communicator?

Effective communication skills are essential in many professions, but more particularly in event planning. For instance, miscommunication can branch out into several problems for both ends, resulting into catastrophic results. Being an event planner, the ability to communicate information effectively is a practical skill that will be put to use on a daily basis, regardless of the event you are managing.


  1. Am I creative?

In terms of event management, creativity should also come into play. You need to have the creativity to transform ideas into something tangible. From devising a theme for a corporate party to bringing something to life out of a small budget, being able to develop innovative solutions to problems can greatly dictate the success of your event.


  1. Can I handle multiple tasks at once?

Finally, in every stage of the event planning process, there will be tasks that require your undivided attention. You may find yourself negotiating a contract, meeting with the client, booking a catering, screening potential vendors and assessing entertainment options all in one day. Therefore, you need to have the skills to effectively multitask and keep track of every aspect of the event, without anything falling out of priority.


Becoming a successful event planner

Your success as an event planner depends on your ability to prioritize and focus on each task in that order, in a manner that you’re not distracted by other things or overwhelmed by all the other things that require your attention.

These traits and skills are only some of the attributes that will make you a successful event planner. Nevertheless, if you feel you’re not ready to handle an event in the future, you can always find support in an event management company in Singapore. Contact Prestige Edge today!