Leave it to the pro: Why you should hire an event management team for your corporate occasions

Jun 14, 2018

Because of the dawn of the Internet, many people of diving into the DIY craze – from basic home furniture making up to organising or creating a business. It’s a way of many people to save time and money in achieving whatever they want, plus it’s a way for them to make it personalised. One of the DIY instructions that can be found online is events planning and management.

Some people, or even companies, may find it easier to conduct and plan their own corporate events instead of hiring someone to do it for them. In that way, they can still be closely in-charge of the entire process and they can make sure that there will be no missing elements during the event. Imagine, they can just temporarily assign some of their employees to become temporary organisers and it should be good. But little did they know, event management takes extra effort and talent. It’s not just conceptualising for themes and contacting suppliers. It requires a professional events planner to be able to put up a remarkable event.

But why should you really hire an event management team? Would it really be more efficient to work with someone who’s outside the four corners of your office or home?

Well, here are some of the reasons why hiring an event management team is more beneficial than conducting it on your own:


They’ve done it a million times

Every event management team is well-experienced and well-knowledgeable about throwing parties and product launches. They have memorised the ins and outs of every event – from planning, conceptualisation, up to execution and post event duties. They have conducted tons of projects, probably similar than yours, so there’s no difficulty in doing it again. As an additional advantage, event professionals know the areas to improve and the areas with high risks; they know how to prevent crisis and how to come up with a solution. They are events experts, after all.


The stress is off your shoulders

Even simple house parties can cause a lot of stress. Professional event planners can take the burden off your shoulder. The tedious task of calling the suppliers, designers, staff, and everything else are something that will take too much of your time – not to mention visiting locations and testing the materials. If you will just assign someone from your company to do the management tasks for your event, it may affect their daily tasks at work. Hiring an event management team will give you more time to enjoy the event and less time to worry.


Costs are managed properly

It may appear that conducting your own event may be more cost efficient than hiring someone, because of course if you will hire someone you have to pay them. But there’s more to consider than an extra head to compensate. Event organisers have their pool of suppliers. They have a chain of different stores, venues, and caterers that they can contact. Through these different suppliers, you can create cost comparison and choose whichever fit your current budget. Moreover, professional event planners know when to cut cost. If there are instances where budget becomes an issue, event planners can help you reconstruct the budget without sacrificing parts of the event. Same goes with overspending, they can tell you if the spending is not unbalanced and if it’s going to some aspects that don’t really require much expense.


Inviting people is part of their plans too

If you are going to conduct your own event without an event management team, you might miss out marketing the event. What’s a good party if no one’s going to show up, right? Well, there’s no need to worry about it anymore. A professional events planner has tools and connection to market and invite people and delegates to your events. From internally marketing it in your office up to opening the doors to the public, you can make sure that your event is going to be a success.