Ready for emergency! : A guide in making sure your event is safe and secured

Oct 04, 2018

After carefully planning the entire event and making sure that everything is steady going, you would also want to have a peace of mind while the event is going on. Safety and security should always be part of your checklist. As part of an event management team, you cannot forget about security plans for your event.

Always be ready with any type of emergency. Here are some fail-safe ways to organize an event and ensure the security of it.


Why the need for security?

When you have a high-scale event where VIPs are expected to attend, you need to make them feel secured at your event. You will need to ensure that everything is in order on the day itself so that all discrepancies and issues would be addressed as soon as possible. Large-scale events tend to need more security due to high influx of traffic, so be on your toes to look out for potential hazards!


Keep an eagle eye for your guest list!

The entry protocol! Always be on check down to the littlest of details, such as the guest list. Inform your guests that it will be required to bring their invitation on the day of the event, or give them a 24-hour deadline for RSVP-ing. In the event that your guests are intending to bring their plus one, you can have them RSVP it down as well—they’ve got to keep you posted for you to cater extra headcount!


Don’t forget a budget for security!

You have to keep in mind that security is just as important to all factors of event planning. Make sure to cover a budget for your event, especially if the venue only offers basic security. You will find the need to have basic security at a minimum, placed through entrances and exits, and some of them strategically placed in the event hall. If the venue has security cameras, that would be a plus.


Familiarize yourself with the venue layout

It’s important to know all the corners of your venue. Gather your team and familiarize with the floor-plan. With the floor-plan ready, you are able to point out the strategic areas, and assign your security manpower accordingly. This helps you to be sure that every area is covered.


An emergency plan of action is the way to go

Unprecedented cataclysms are common, and the most inconvenient way to end an event. Have a plan of action by discovering the fire exits. Be prepared to arrange evacuation routes for guests as well. If it is a big scale event, it will be important to have an ambulance on standby in case of high-risk emergencies.


The golden rule is to make sure you put your guests first!

It wouldn’t hurt if you paid more attention to your guests than other matters of the event. After all, they’re the ones you’re dedicating your hard work for. Happy guests are a mark of an event’s success!

But when all else fails, leave it to the pro and seek help from one of the best events management team in Singapore to make sure that you event is flawless. Enquire now!